Currents 018: The Future Thinkers Smart Village

Jim talks to Euvie Ivanova & Mike Gilliland about their Future Thinkers Smart Village: region, scaling, governance, economics, fundraising, and much more…

In this Currents episode, Jim talks to Future Thinkers co-founders Euvie Ivanova & Mike Gilliland about their new Smart Village. They cover details about their selected bioregion, their short & long-term building & scaling plans, governance approaches, the economic models for residents & emphasis on remote working, regenerative agriculture goals & ideas, the ownership model for the village, their current fundraising strategy & investment priorities, open philosophy on types communal living, accessibility to surrounding communities & services, internet connectivity, childcare and schooling, their current fundraising structure & needs, and much more.

Future Thinkers Smart Village is a rural innovation lab & education center that combines technological innovation, education & personal development programs, regenerative agriculture, and community – located in a beautiful mountain valley the heart of the Kootenays, BC, Canada.