EP125 Samo Burja on Societal Decline: Part 2

Samo Burja

Samo Burja & Jim continue their conversation about his book, Great Founder Theory. They talk about Samo’s interest in exploring why there’s never been an immortal society, lack of historical Greece documentation, defining functional bureaucracy & delegation, competition pros/cons & dynamics, skill distribution & capitalization, measuring & defining skills over time scales, utilizing & nurturing ambition, what empire theory exposes about societies & institutions, inevitable oligarchy, rivalrous vs non-rivalrous systems, insights from Chinese history, and much more.

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Samo Burja is the founder and President of Bismarck Analysis, a consulting firm that specializes in institutional analysis for clients in North America and Europe. Bismarck uses the foundational sociological research that Samo and his team have conducted over the past decade to deliver unique insights to clients about institutional design and strategy. Samo’s studies focus on the social and material technologies that provide the foundation for healthy human societies, with an eye to engineering and restoring the structures that produce functional institutions. He has authored articles and papers on his findings. His manuscript, Great Founder Theory, is available online. He is also a Research Fellow at the Long Now Foundation and Senior Research Fellow in Political Science at the Foresight Institute. Samo has spoken about his findings at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Y Combinator’s YC 120 conference, the Reboot American Innovation conference in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. He spends most of his time in California and his native Slovenia.

Currents 032: Tyson Yunkaporta on Spirits, GameB & Protopias

Tyson Yunkaporta

Tyson Yunkaporta joins Jim for another wide-ranging yarn that starts off with DMT & machine elves. They cover Jim’s misspent youth, police violence, nuance vs Occam’s razor, Tyson’s impressions of GameB & the sensemakers, Tyson’s unpublished Survivance essay, Jim’s recent emu encounter & live intentional ego death, utilizing drugs, selling our souls to social media, debt jubilee & the road to GameB, ProtoBs as a dynamic exploration, utopia vs protopia, the value of cognitive dissonance, and much more.

Tyson Yunkaporta is an academic, an arts critic, and a researcher who is a member of the Apalech Clan in far north Queensland. He carves traditional tools and weapons and also works as a senior lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges at Deakin University in Melbourne. He lives in Melbourne and is the author of Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World.

EP124 Jim Hackett on Ford, Electric Cars & More

Jim Hackett

Former Ford CEO, Jim Hackett & Jim have a wide-ranging talk about the history & future of electric cars. They cover Ford & Edison’s first electric car, the current state of the electric cars, understanding scaling & natural systems, business change vs death, the evolution of car models & sizes, all-electric car plausibility, carbon taxes, electric range & charging time, electricity demand & smart grids, the history of Ford’s Mustang Mach-e, the road to self-driving cars, safety & trust,  startup car companies, the importance of user experience design, Apple, Ford & IDEO, the future of Ford, and much more.

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Jim Hackett is an American businessman. He was the president and chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company from May 2017 to October 2020.