EP77 Kamal Sinclair on Science, Storytelling & VR

Kamal Sinclair talks with Jim about fiction & science, the power of storytelling, new media & tech, VR, augmented & mixed reality, and much more…

Kamal Sinclair

Kamal Sinclair talks with Jim about being an art doula, the role of fiction in science, the power of storytelling, impacts of new media & technology, mind & perception, the Question Bridge project’s view into the lives of black men, storytelling in VR, the challenges of creating & funding VR content, the promise of augmented & mixed reality, artistic impacts of postmodernism, archetypes vs stereotypes, the Guild of Future Architects, the upcoming Collective Wisdom Platform, and much more.

Episode Transcript

Mentions & Recommendations

Kamal Sinclair, is the Executive Director of the Guild of Future Architects and Senior Consultant to Sundance Institute’s Future of Culture Initiative. She also serves as External Advisor to MacArthur Foundation’s Journalism & Media Program, Creative Advisor to For FreedomsMIT’s Center for Advanced VirtualityStarfish Incubator,  and Eyebeam. Previously, she was the Director of Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Labs Program, which supports artists working at the convergence of film, art, media and technology. She also consults for the Ford Foundation’s JustFilms program on a research project aimed at furthering equality in emerging media, which resulted in “Making a New Reality.”