Currents 007: David Fuller on the IDW

In this Currents episode, Jim talks to Rebel Wisdom founder David Fuller about what the IDW is & how it relates to GameB, common IDW perspectives & its prescient points, the decline of journalism & sensemaking, postmodernism, how Integral theory views the IDW, memetic mediation, coherence & plurality, the IDW’s future, online platform limitations, the value of critique, types of audience capture, and more.

One thought on “Currents 007: David Fuller on the IDW

  1. Hi Jim,

    I just listened to this episode with David Fuller and was struck by the difficulty you guys recognised in thinking publicly and evolving ideas in the public domain. The solution you appeared to agree on was to have these conversations take place offline in one-to-one/small group scenarios. The fear that I have is that I may never get access to important thought leaders’ opinions if the conversation goes on behind closed doors.

    The key obstacles that I understood from your discussion were:
    1. Fear of mob attack and reputational damage. Whether online or offline.
    2. Defense of existing positions by public intellectuals.
    3. “Bad faith actor” accusation and exclusion.
    4. Fighting old battles rather than focus on the issue. (eg Sam Harris & Ezra Klein).
    5. Fear of guilt by association.
    6. Blackballing based on worst/most controversial opinion or tweet.

    Could all these obstacles be overcome by hosting an Ideas forum?
    Key thought leaders would be invited to participate on an anonymous basis.
    They would be identified based on the value of their insight and contribution.
    Their input would be totally anonymised from other participants and the public.
    They could take the ideas and discuss them on their own platform if they wished but could not identify themselves on the ideas platform.
    The public would have access but read-only rights to the ideas platform.

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