EP24 Bret Weinstein on Evolving Culture

Bret Weinstein & Jim talk about unsustainable culture, dangerous algorithms, GameB, complexity, trade-offs, social media, today’s left, Darwinian religion, and much more…

Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein and Jim talk about the evolutionary & game-theoretic dynamics that have led humanity to an unsustainable place, the impact of today’s algorithms & how they’re connected to human evolution, the recent shift of corporate values, how Game B should view complex systems, design vs. navigation, trade-offs from a theoretical biology perspective, approaches to keeping online collaboration & networks net-positive, how the political left has changed & how Jim & Bret relate to it, the biological perspective & its connection to the is–ought problem, the role of gender in today’s culture, new atheism, and the implications of seeing religion as a result of Darwinian evolution.

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Bret Weinstein has spent two decades exploring the frontiers of evolutionary biology. He is currently working to uncover the evolutionary meaning of large scale patterns in human history, and seeking a game-theoretically stable path forward for humanity. His scholarly research is focused on evolutionary trade-offs. He has worked on the evolution of senescence and cancer, species diversity gradients, and the adaptive significance of human morality and religion. He has written for The Wall Street Journal and testified to the U.S. Congress regarding questions of freedom of expression on college campuses. He is the host of Bret Weinstein’s DarkHorse Podcast.

3 thoughts on “EP24 Bret Weinstein on Evolving Culture

  1. Listening to the first 10 minutes of your conversation with Bret Weinstein made my skin tingle, because of the high degree of overlap with my own views. I became aware in the 1970s of the existential need for a Sustainability Revolution, which for a long time I assumed our leaders would initiate, in order to avoid civilisational suicide. Only, they never did, which is madness.

    I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to understand this madness, which I think I now do, & invite you to take a look at some of the insights & ideas I have come up with: https://twitter.com/rogerahicks/status/1149587575423680517?s=20

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