Announcement: Send Us Your Guest Nominations for “Who Are You?”

Update: Nominations are now closed.

We are seeking guest nominations for an experimental subseries, titled “Who Are You?”

Listeners to the Jim Rutt Show will know that one of its hallmarks is Jim’s extensive preparation for interviews. Guests on the show are people he already knows about, and generally he’s familiar with their work before he invites them on.

“Who Are You?” will reverse all that. In these interviews, Jim won’t know who the guest is or what they want to talk about prior to showtime. Not a clue! That’s why he’ll begin with the question: Who Are You?

Guests will need to be prepared to start from ground zero—to explain who they are, what they do, and why anyone should care. Jim will need to be prepared to adapt on the fly to what he hears and to steer the conversation in a direction he and the audience can learn from.

Once nominations are in, we’ll select a subset of reasonable options and list them in a poll, to be shared on this site and all of our social media feeds. (Luckily, Jim is on a break from social media and won’t see the posts or any discussion about them. You of course should not inform Jim about any of the nominations during this process.)

Please see the guidelines below, and send your nomination to by this Friday (5/20), midnight ET. Note the brief window and act quickly.

Nomination Guidelines:

Limit of one nomination per person. You may nominate yourself. Please limit nominations to people who:

  • Are doing, saying, or working toward something you consider interesting and useful enough to warrant Jim and his audience’s attention—or, who you just think it’d be entertaining to throw into conversation with Jim.
  • Would conceivably want to come on the show.
  • Jim does not know or know of as far as you’re aware. (We’ll run a search for any likely connections as we narrow down options.)
  • Exist and are human.

*** If possible, please provide an email address for your nominee, and notify them that you’ve put their name in.

Says Jim: “This is an experiment and may fail, but it ought to be good for a laugh, if nothing else.”

If it’s successful, we may choose to launch “Who Are You?” as an ongoing subseries on the Jim Rutt Show.

Again, send nominations to by this Friday (5/20), midnight ET.