EP16 Anaconda CTO Peter Wang on The Distributed Internet

Peter Wang is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Anaconda, the leading Python tools and data analytics company. Peter holds a B.A. in Physics from Cornell University and has been developing applications professionally using Python since 2001.

Before co-founding Anaconda (formerly Continuum Analytics) in 2011, Peter spent seven years designing and developing applications for a variety of companies, including investment bankers, high-frequency trading firms, oil companies, and others. Peter also developed Chaco, an open-source, Python-based toolkit for interactive data visualization.

  1. Introduction to Peter Wang, Anaconda + New Python Tools 20 minutes
  2. Deep Fakes, Virtuality + Speciation 15 minutes
  3. Gatekeepers, Sensemaking + The Cycle of Glut 21 minutes
  4. Nonrivalrous Economics + Building a Better Facebook 7 minutes
  5. Beaker Browser, Dat Project + The Distributed Internet 21 minutes

Transcripts for The Jim Rutt Show featuring Peter Wang

Keynames for EP16:
Jim Rutt, Santa Fe Institute, Peter Wang, Anaconda, Python, TensorFlow, RAPIDS, Nvidia, Numba, Dask, PyTorch, Chainer, CuPy, PyData, StackOverflow, Github, Indeed, LinkedIn, David Krakauer, Neil Postman, “Amusing Ourselves to Death”, Eric Weinstein, Donald Trump, WordPress, Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society”, Facebook, Netflix, Meetup.com, John Vervaeke, Joe Edelman, Emerge Podcast, Jordan Hall, Robin Dunbar, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Markus Persson, Notch, Minecraft, Will Wright, SimCity, Peter Thiel, Uber, Intel, Sun NeWS, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Twitter, Wikipedia, Jupyter Notebook, Facebook Libra, Ralph Merkle, Dropbox, Beaker Browser, beakerbrowser.com, Dat Project, datproject.com, Slack

Keywords for EP16:
Jim Rutt, Peter Wang, Anaconda, Python, data analytics, scientific computing, web technologies, computer programming, software development, vector computing, computer languages, open source, python version three, deep learning, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, AI, visualization, tensor wrappers, gift economy, code sharing, curation, authentication, deep fake, malware, generative adversarial networks, GANs, speciation, Facebook, weak link vs. strong link, Five Star Movement, Game B, mediation, curation, gatekeepers, sensemaking, the enlightenment, trust, Dunbar number, Unix, TCP-IP, ACTP, HTTP, OpenSSL, web rings, heartbleed bug, Java, nonrivalrous economics, intellectual property, copyright, client/server, peer-to-peer, distributed internet, distributed web, IPFS, CRDT, Merkle chain, file sharing

One thought on “EP16 Anaconda CTO Peter Wang on The Distributed Internet

  1. Hi Jim,

    truly great episode. Thank you for all the work you put in your podcast!

    Regarding min. 46: You might be interested in taking a closer look at https://holochain.org/, an agent-centric system, that could scale infinitely (as it doesn’t need a central server or a central truth and is more like the relationships we have as persons). You find a good 8 min. video explainer on their homepage.

    You might be also interested in https://www.sacred.capital/ that’s built on Holochain. This tackles the Reputation Economy as a new kind of non-tradeable currency.

    Another interesting project that will be built on Holochain is https://decentr.net/.

    I have contact with all three teams. If you want to connect you can go direct or just ask me to connect you. 🙂

    All of this is also aiming at being a basis for the non-rivalrous economy you discussed starting min. 58 and as a base layer for Game B.

    Best, Peter

    P.S.: I myself prepare from the political side with my idea of a Proxy Party (see my website). Just starting with this.

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